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Welcome to Losers in Love, a community dedicated to ER's Archie Morris and Jane Figler. This community is open to all members, and all aspects of the Morris/Jane relationship are welcome here: fanfic, fanart, icons, wallpapers, discussion, spoilers, fanvideos, speculations, etc. And now, onto the rules:

1) No flaming. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and everyone has a right to have their opinions respected. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

2) Please post headers containing the following for all fics, and please put all fics, except drabbles (100 words) behind a cut tag.

Rating: (IMPORTANT!!!All fics in this community will follow the Fan Rated Rating System. From now on, authors who do not use this system will be warned and will have 24 hours to edit their stories, or their post(s) will be deleted. The MPAA is causing trouble for us fanfiction writers, and we're trying to keep from being sued.)
Content Warning:

You may include a brief summary as well if you wish.

3) Icons are welcome, but if you're posting more than 3, please use a cut tag. Please put all other fanart behind a cut tag.

4) Challenges are welcome, but please make note of which one you're responding to in your post.

5) This is not a community for fan wars. We're all here to have fun and enjoy, and getting attacked is not fun for anyone; please keep the petty bickering out of it. (see rule number 1)

6) On the subject of spoilers: We'll be heading into the new season soon here in the US, but we have a lot of members in Europe and elsewhere that won't get to see the episodes until much later, and don't want to be spoiled. So, in the interest of being fair to everyone, please put all episode discussions and speculations behind a cut tag! And please make sure the text of your cut tag isn't spoilery. (e.g. - Acceptable: "OMG! Did you see that part in last night's episode?" Spoilery (and unacceptable): "OMG! Weaver caught Morris and Jane in the supply closet?") If you don't know how to do a cut tag, here's the code:

7) Have fun!

If you have any problems, feel free to e-mail me, shadow_diva and I will address any concerns or issues you have.




Morris/Jane Appreciation Thread #2 (Fanforum)

Writing Resources:

MedSpeak: the language of ER - Just what the hell is a CBC, anyway? This site will tell you.

WebMD - great for looking up all those medical illnesses. Diagnoses, treatments and the like. Excellent resource.

Baby Names from Parenthood.com - Another excellent resource for creating characters.

Dictionary.com - A dictionary and a Thesaurus. Must have resource for any writer.

Online Writing Lab @ Purdue University - Anyone who has problems with grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. can benefit from this site. Even if you don't have trouble, it never hurts to brush up on the rules. ;)

Indispensable Writing Resources Site - Exactly what it says. Lots of resources here for aspiring writers.

Writing Erotica - Great resource with essays, articles, and tips for writing erotic fiction.

Erotic Quills - Writing Erotica - If you're an experienced writer of erotica who's stuck for ideas, or a new writer who's always wanted to try your hand at erotica, you'll find a wealth of hints and tips here.

The Erotic Thesaurus - Ever been stuck for a word in an erotic scene? Haven't we all. This is another great resource, brought to you by Erotic Quills. A list of synonyms to breathe new life into your fiction, and quite a few other interesting resources as well. A must visit for writers of erotica, no matter what level you're at.

Illinois Maps from Mapathon - Tons of maps on Chicago; Illinois (and every other state). Use these to breathe some realism into your writing. You won't be sorry you made the effort.

Slanguage - Great site for looking up slang from all over the world. And they even have a page on Chicago. :)

Slang and Other things about English @ English Daily - Great site for learning slang, idioms, and English grammar rules

American Slang - A site on American for students whose native language isn't English. Definitely worth a look.

Chicago's Navy Pier - One of the many places to see in the city. Rides, fun, games, and other attractions. Great date spot, or place to take kids. :)

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