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Mod Post!!

Hey Everyone! You guys are awesome about cutting spoilers, but I just wanted to post a reminder, since the new season starts tonight and I won't be home.

Season 13 is upon us. As such, I'd like to post a reminder regarding episode discussion. We have a lot of international fans, many of which will have to wait until January or later to see new episodes. Please remember this when posting your reactions to the episode tonight and put all posts regarding the episode behind a cut tag. Include "Spoilers for 13.1" somewhere in your post before the cut tag, and please make sure the text you use for the cut tag isn't spoilery. Posts that don't follow these posting guidelines will be deleted without warning in order to be fair to those who still have to wait to see the episodes. Consult rule #6 on the user info page for questions regarding spoilers and the codes for a cut tag (located in the text box underneath #6).

Enjoy the show! :D

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